An MOT is a legal requirement for your vehicle and it is a stamp of approval that is worthy to be on the road.

If it passes, you will get a certificate and if it fails, you will get a list of work which needs to be carried out. The test is designed to make sure your car is safe, as well as meeting environmental checks.

An MOT will check everything from the brakes to the headlights and is a comprehensive check to monitor the safety of your vehicle. However, it doesn't guarantee everything inside is good to go, so you will need to get your car regularly serviced too.

At Prestige Motor Co, we are 4x4 experts, meaning that our team has years of experience and are best placed to look after your 4x4, be it a Range Rover, a Porsche, or something completely different. We take the time and care to make sure everything is right, and your car will be in safe hands while it is with us.

If there is work you would like doing on your vehicle while it is with us, such as vehicle detailing or window tinting, let us know and we can make sure it is taken care of at the same time.

For cars over three years old, this is an annual legal requirement, so make sure you are up to date and booked in, to avoid any penalties.

We are passionate about cars and we take pride in looking after them as well as selling them. Your journey with us doesn't end when you drive away, as we are committed to offering excellent services in every aspect of the business. Book in for an MOT in Edinburgh and let the team take care of you and your vehicle at Prestige Motor Co.

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